About The US Open

The United States Open Championship, commonly known as the U.S. Open, is the annual open national championship of golf in the United States. It is the second of the four major championships in golf, and is on the official schedule of both the PGA Tour and the European Tour. Since 1898 the competition has been 72 holes of stroke play (4 rounds on an 18-hole course), with the winner being the player with the lowest total number of strokes. It is staged by the United States Golf Association (USGA) in mid-June, scheduled so that, if there are no weather delays, the final round is played on the third Sunday, which is Father’s Day. The U.S. Open is staged at a variety of courses, set up in such a way that scoring is very difficult, with a premium placed on accurate driving.

:: One Entry Per Family / Household…¬†Multiple Entries Disqualify All Your Picks
:: All Entries Must Be Made Through Stadium Golf Center Constant Contact Survey
:: If Multiple Correct Selections & Tiebreakers Occur, One Grand Prize Winner Will Be Drawn At Random
:: Grand Prize Has No Cash Or Trade In Value
:: Entry Deadline Wednesday 6.13.2018 11:55pm PST

Keith IAlex Noren271
Tom KBrian Harman275
Terry ZBrian Harman279
Mark ZBrooks Koepka270
Joanne LBrooks Koepka273
Tim ZBrooks Koepka273
Phil NBrooks Koepka271
Robert JBryson DeChambeau275
Brian DBryson Dechambeau275
randall uBubba Watson276
Jeffrey MDustin Johnson265
Conner HDustin Johnson273
Wendy SDustin Johnson282
Gary EDustin Johnson278
George LDustin Johnson274
Gene BDustin Johnson283
Michael BDustin Johnson277
Christopher DDustin Johnson270
Michael UDustin Johnson272
Lincoln BDustin Johnson273
Jon BDustin Johnson276
Sean MDustin Johnson276
Reno DDustin Johnson272
Dan CDustin Johnson272
Joey ADustin Johnson278
Jacob JDustin Johnson286
David RDustin Johnson276
Gabriel MDustin Johnson266
Jeff CDustin Johnson270
Andy RDustin Johnson265
Jeffrey GDustin Johnson282
Charles SDustin Johnson268
Derek DDustin Johnson271
Steven FDustin Johnson276
Glenn BDustin Johnson277
kenneth tDustin Johnson282
Scott DDustin Johnson276
john dDustin Johnson274
Andy JDustin Johnson268
Rob BDustin Johnson277
Shane ADustin Johnson270
LARRY YDustin Johnson0
Emanuel DDustin Johnson278
George HDustin Johnson269
Michael ADustin Johnson275
Shedrick SDustin Johnson273
Kurt CDustin Johnson289
jim mDustin Johnson283
Stuart NDustin Johnson268
Charles GDustin Johnson270
Jerry ADustin Johnson274
Andrew ODustin Johnson274
Mark MDustin Johnson270
Larry WDustin Johnson274
Ryan ADustin Johnson268
Steven VDustin Johnson282
Ken MDustin Johnson272
Martin MDustin Johnson272
David SDustin Johnson276
Paul DDustin Johnson272
Jackman MDustin Johnson268
Glenn RDustin Johnson276
Howard SDustin Johnson269
Jason EDustin Johnson281
Christopher NDustin Johnson284
Wally SDustin Johnson266
Michael pEmiliano Grillo285
Ron CHenrik Stenson275
Don DHenrik Stenson282
shawn gHenrik Stenson0
Charles GHenrik Stenson272
Seth LHenrik Stenson268
Glenn HHenrik Stenson263
Patrick MHenrik Stenson278
Barron LHideki Matsuyama274
Jordan MHideki Matsuyama275
larry mJason Day282
Fernando SJason Day275
Justin BJason Day264
Christopher CJason Day272
Jonas KJason Day270
Greg HJason Day276
Arnie BJason Day275
JOE TJason Day277
Russell BJason Day274
Bryan SJason Day257
Steven LJason Day273
Kevin KJason Day278
Nguyen LJason Day274
Eileen RJason Day271
Stan MJason Day269
William TJason Dufner275
Jeff WJohn Rahm279
Jackie PJohn Rahm272
Gordon CJohn Rahm272
Jason CJohn Rahm284
David SJohn Rahm268
Joseph SJohn Rahm273
Ben BJohn Rahm70
RONALD CJohn Rahm276
steven bJohn Rahm273
Matt BJordan Spieth275
todd wJordan Spieth272
John CJordan Spieth283
Donald DJordan Spieth271
James FJordan Spieth66
Robert BJordan Spieth272
David RJordan Spieth286
JOHN RJordan Spieth277
Ryan MJordan Spieth275
Ben AJordan Spieth278
William MJordan Spieth280
Brian KJustin Rose273
Doug BJustin Rose278
Dan HJustin Rose272
David HJustin Rose277
Scott ZJustin Rose277
Chris MJustin Rose275
Gary RJustin Rose274
KC LJustin Rose283
Scott KJustin Rose274
Tom DJustin Rose274
Luis Javier OJustin Rose277
Bryan MJustin Rose283
Matt PJustin Rose274
Lon HJustin Rose279
Daniel wJustin Rose280
Glenn HJustin Rose263
Joe GJustin Rose266
Tom WJustin Rose277
mingi kJustin Rose284
George BJustin Rose276
Peter GJustin Rose278
Matt WJustin Rose277
Ed AJustin Rose288
Dave CJustin Rose267
steven rJustin Rose279
Colin MJustin Rose274
Steven FJustin Rose276
John HJustin Rose276
Kendra MJustin Rose269
Melissa MJustin Rose279
Gary RJustin Rose274
Edward YJustin Rose272
Merri HJustin Rose283
C Mark HJustin Rose277
Mike WJustin Rose274
Tim OJustin Thomas276
Barbara SJustin Thomas275
Gerald LJustin Thomas305
Rich SJustin Thomas276
Chris BJustin Thomas276
David KJustin Thomas274
Chris FJustin Thomas276
David SJustin Thomas275
Theresa JJustin Thomas277
Bob RJustin Thomas273
Brian IJustin Thomas276
Justin WJustin Thomas266
Earl MLouis Oosthaizen276
Francis LMark Lieshman276
michael wOllie Schniederjans275
Mike KPatrick Cantaly267
Todd PPatrick Cantlay280
Martin TPatrick Reed270
Greg JPatrick Reed278
Brad CPhil Mickelson280
Petra CPhil Mickelson267
Vance MPhil Mickelson278
Joseph PPhil Mickelson279
Mike ZPhil Mickelson275
Gregory LPhil Mickelson271
Ian SPhil Mickelson279
Mike SPhil Mickelson268
Michael OPhil Mickelson281
Justin SPhil Mickelson269
Larry DPhil Mickelson274
phil mPhil Mickelson279
John MPhil Mickelson278
Emory LPhil Mickelson273
Noah CPhil Mickelson273
Scott OPhil Mickelson281
daniel dPhil Mickelson279
Andrew HPhil Mickelson276
Jim MPhil Mickelson273
Jericho BPhil Mickelson275
Timothy TPhil Mickelson277
Eric WPhil Mickelson276
JOHN HRafael Cabrera-Bello275
David SRickie Fowler274
Kahana MRickie Fowler279
Todd JRickie Fowler276
sean tRickie Fowler272
William TRickie Fowler276
Larry QRickie Fowler272
Cole CRickie Fowler265
Lenny FRickie Fowler276
Tomi ARickie Fowler276
Richard BRickie Fowler277
Andreas SRickie Fowler278
Ken SRickie Fowler273
Don MRickie Fowler275
Ann ARickie Fowler272
Mark NRickie Fowler278
Louis PRickie Fowler276
Stuart NRickie Fowler278
Victor MRickie Fowler279
Jim LRickie Fowler276
Edward KRickie Fowler268
Dale PRory McIlroy284
Pete TRory McIlroy280
Glenn VRory McIlroy277
Cullen PRory McIlroy273
Jeremiah VRory McIlroy276
Brian KRory McIlroy284
Alec SRory McIlroy275
Eric MRory McIlroy278
Tom GRory McIlroy276
Evan DRory McIlroy278
Kelly DRory McIlroy275
Michael VRory McIlroy272
Andrew SSergio Garcia278
Jan PSergio Garcia276
Inder SShubhankar Sharma270
Mark BSteve Stricker278
Marc CTiger Woods279
Jimmy WTiger Woods267
Rachel DTiger Woods274
Dennis MTiger Woods69
Brad STiger Woods275
Michael NTiger Woods276
DONALD CTiger Woods269
Patrick NTiger Woods281
Billy HTiger Woods274
Mitch RTiger Woods263
Willie BTiger Woods283
Donald CTiger Woods267
william cTommy Fleetwood278
ty sTommy Fleetwood274
James WTommy Fleetwood277
Summer HTommy Fleetwood279
Robert ETony Finau274
Scotland STony Finau275
Tyler BTony Finau275
Todd GTony Finau274
Damon AWebb Simpson0
Matthew MXander Schauffele281
Kevin BXander Schauffele275
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Shinnecock Hills