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Stadium Golf Center - MVM - Most Valuable Members!
2017 - Steve Brink

MVM’s are selected by our golf shop staff as true friends and supporters of SGC. Their support of our facility earns them complimentary range ball and short game area use for one year. --- Our way of saying 'Thank You' from SGC.
2016 - Bob Mandeville2015 - Paul Reindollar2014 - Bob Gunn
2013 - Joe Canales2012 - Loan Pham2011 - Ed Allard
2010 - Todd Turner2009 - Chris Morrow2008 - Ken & Barb Hafner
2007 - Bob Hearn2006 - Jim Parker2005 - Dan Hawkins
2004 - Scott Dale2003 - Tom Dougherty

Happy Customer and MVM Testimonials!

Steve Brink
MVM 2017
Dear Monty and the entire team at Stadium:

I truly was humbled when I learned from you Monty that I had been selected as Stadium Golf Center’s Most Valuable Member for 2017. You and the entire team are to be commended for the great professional services you provide to a wide range of people! Most of us have goals when it comes to our golf game and mine was to get good enough to play with friends and customers while not slowing them down and embarrass myself. Since I began using Stadium Golf Center which has all the components necessary to advance your game from a friendly comfortable environment, knowledgeable staff, the best line up of instructors you can imagine, a great pro shop, great club fitting, fantastic practice facilities from the short game area to the grass/mats, plus you replace the golf balls every 90 days…..wow. So with all of this available in one convenient location my confidence level has increased and I understand what I’m doing wrong when I just don’t swing just right, and I have been able to win/place in some industry/charity golf events and on the golf channel amateur tour circuit. I have a long ways to go, but golfs a journey like life.Because you a have a full service practice facility, a great environment, fantastic team behind you, my business has benefit greatly by bring customers to your facility. The golf 101 program that Mark Hammond has developed where we work with a small group of 6-8 customers and covers the basic fundamentals of golf from the grip, stance, full swing, chipping and putting in a short time and Mark makes it fun…. customers love it. I assure you this is time well spent!

Once again, not only is your staff incredibly knowledgeable and professional, but each of them is equally affable. Indeed, I enjoy spending time talking with the staff and working on my golf game. Once again, thank you and the entire team for making my time at Stadium an enjoyable experience.

Steve Brink
Bowen R.
Client of Justin Hicks
Justin, I wanted to say thank you for setting up the fitting session. My irons were too flat. We added 1 degree to the loft of all irons which added 10 yards to each-weird since we added loft but Miguel is a Golf wizard and the entire process was awesome. Please tell Miguel I said thank you!!!
Bob M - MVM 2016
Bob Mandeville
MVM 2016
To Monty and all members of Stadium Golf Center,

What an honor to have an opportunity to be selected as Most Valuable Member 2016! Stadium Golf is and always will be the greatest practice facility in San Diego. The quality of balls to hit is unmatched. The chance to hit off mats or grass is accommodating to all levels of golfers. The short practice range and quality of the putting green creates an opportunity to work on every aspect of your game. Throw in the fact that have the best facility combined with the most courteous and professional staff and you have a golf euphoria. You can even have your clubs custom fit and work your body into perfect golf shape with the other amenities available to you.
My wife and I have had the pleasure and benefit of working with Lori Brock, one of a handful of brilliant golf pros teaching to all levels!!! If there is anything you need in golf to improve your game, you will find it at Stadium golf. Thank you Monty and everyone else involved with Stadium golf. It will be a FUN year of practice. See you on the range!!

Bob Mandeville
Paul Reindollar
Paul Reindollar
MVM 2015
Monty and the whole staff at Stadium Golf Center,
It is such an honor to be chosen as the Most Valuable Member for the year. When I came to San Diego ten years ago I was referred to Stadium as the best driving range in the area. I drove to Stadium after work in the middle of the week and was immediately impressed by the activity, the friendliness of the staff and customers, and the smoothness of the operations. Plus the driving range, putting green and short game areas were first rate.

Shortly after my first visit I started lessons with Scott. I have learned more from Scott than I could ever have imagined and have had tremendous fun doing it. He is an exceptional teacher who knows how to guide a student’s progress at the right pace. As I begin my retirement I have joined Scott’s Master class with the goal of getting to scratch. If anyone can get me there it is Scott. But in all fairness to the other teaching professionals that I have observed over the years, I would and have highly recommended all of them to my friends, especially if they have kids, as Stadium has an excellent Jr golf program.
I have benefitted multiple times from Coleman’s club fitting expertise as well as the advice and knowledge from all of the pro shop staff. Another area that is impressive about Stadium is the continually drive to improve the facilities and value to the customers that has included: video lessons with swing analysis, an improved short game area, contouring of the grass range area, more interesting targets, and redesigned pro shop but also offerings of various workshops for the short gam, putting or tailored to a customer’s group needs. Stadium always seems to be on the leading edge of useful new technologies.

But what really sets Stadium apart from other golf facilities is the atmosphere. All of the staff, from the teaching professionals, pro shop staff and the maintenance crew are always helpful, courteous and friendly. Stadium is just a great fun place where I want to hang out while focusing on one of my passions. I am truly honored with being selected as the MVM for 2015, proud to be associated with Stadium Golf and thankful for all of your support and enjoyment through the years.

Thank You Very Much, Paul $
Bob Gunn
Bob Gunn
MVM 2014
I apprecieate the facility and its staff members. They make my day easy when I come out to practice. The short game practice area is a great place to work on your game and it's always kept nice and green. The professional staff of club fitters are amazing. Its an all in one practice place with a wonderful staff. Its everything you could want in a practice facility.
Joe Canales Jr.
MVM 2013
I want to thank Stadium Golf Center's Professional Staff: Monty, C. Mark, Coleman, Landon, Thomas, Andy, Mike, Lou , Gary Griggs and many more. Stadium Golf Center is the best practice facility in San Diego. The whole staff is really serious about your golf needs - if they don't have it they will get it. Stadium Golf Center has the best teaching pros in San Diego.

Thank you for all of your support throughout the years and many more to come!

Joe Canales Jr.
Loan Pham
MVM 2012
What I like about Stadium Golf Center is that its approach as a “one-stop solution” really worked to substantially improve my golf game.  The “one-stop” approach provided me top notch golf instructors along with fitness golf experts, the latest available equipment, and excellent custom fitting.    One year ago, I did not dream that I would consistently hit my driver 20-30 yards longer--to over 180 yards-- and turn my 3 wood --a club I simply could not hit with-- into a solid and reliable approach shot.  In the past, I played competitive tennis, so besides having ingrained tennis moves that are hindrances in golf, I also have physical limitations due to knee and back injuries from my tennis days.   With these obstacles, I nevertheless improved, and it was made possible by the “one-stop-solution” approach that Stadium Golf Center offers.  Thank you so much, Monty and all the staff, for caring about my game and giving me the Most Valuable Member award.

As with most players who do competitive tennis, I have very well-ingrained tennis moves, such as constantly moving my feet and keeping my weight more towards the toes instead towards more the center or heels for fast change of directions.    Needless to say those moves are negative and opposite to a good golf swing.   Kudos to Lori Brock, a former LPGA player and member of the teaching team at The Stadium Golf Center.  She has been very patient with me, and kept on trying different drills to help me get rid of my tennis muscle memories,  and develop correct golf moves in term of where my mass and weight should be centered.   At times it seems impossible, because the move is just about the opposite to tennis move.   I had to learn to work against my instincts.

Lori never gave up –I almost did!  She kept coming up with new drills, until one day we found the one that “clicks” for me. However, even with the best instructor, if my body can’t do what she tells me to do, I would not have been able to improve very much. Fortunately, I have Jeremy in the Body Balance Performance unit, who devised a fitness program to help me develop muscle strength and flexibility needed for golf moves, and most importantly, the necessary exercises and stretching to protect my back and my knee.

Finally, I must tell you how important the latest equipment and good custom fittings have been in elevating my golf game.  They allow me to further take advantage of my improved swing and swing speed.  Monty and the staff at The Stadium Golf Center have done a tremendous job in getting vendors to come in for demos with their latest equipment.  It was amazing for me to see how much I was able to add distance with proper ball fitting, and how my ball flight improve  with The Tour  Lock Pro technology.

So you guys out there who spend time practicing to improve your game, check out The Stadium Golf Center.   You will find multiple solutions that can help you practice more effectively towards a more correct and efficient golf swing for a better and more fun game. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that prices are very reasonable, and they change for new balls every 90 days.
Ed Allard
Ed Allard
MVM 2011
Dear Monty and the Entire Stadium Staff:

I truly was humbled when I learned from you that I had been selected as Stadium Golf Center’s Most Valuable Member for 2011. Frankly, it really is you and the entire Stadium staff who are deserving of an award and praise based on the professional services provided to individuals like me and my family. In that regard, over the past several years my wife, Jo Ann, my daughter, McKenna, and I have spent countless hours at Stadium working on our golf games. As a result of McKenna’s time spent at Stadium under the tutelage of Scott Mahlberg, she earned a varsity letter in golf at Francis Parker this past December. Quite an achievement in light of the fact she is only a freshman and never played any competitive golf prior to the beginning of fall golf season. Simply put, the staff of instructors is second to none.

We’ve also trusted your staff, particularly Coleman, with fitting us with the right equipment. Further, all of our non-instructional golfing needs also can be (and have been) taken care of in your first rate golf shop. In my opinion, the service and golf accessories provided by the golf shop can’t be beat. Oh, and did I also mention that the prices also can’t be beat! But probably most important to me and my family is the way we are treated by the entire staff while we are at Stadium.

Once again, not only is the staff incredibly knowledgeable and professional, but each of them is equally affable. Indeed, I enjoy spending time talking with the staff about sports, politics, careers, family, etc. as much as I enjoy working on my golf game. Once again, thank you and the entire staff for making our time at Stadium an enjoyable experience.

Sincerely, Ed
Todd T.
MVM 2010
Stadium golf took my game to a whole new level. Stadium Golf is my home away from home. I visit Stadium several times a week to practice. Monty and the staff are friendly and always game for a good laugh. They have several coaches on staff who are former PGA players. The coaches have helped me fix my swing and now my handicap is steadily dropping. Stadium always has the newest balls and mats to hit off of. The short game area has one of the biggest putting greens and it's never too crowded. Coleman is very knowledgeable when it comes to custom fitting and the prices are definitely the lowest at Stadium Golf Center. If you want to lower your score, go to Stadium. 

Todd T. - Most Valuable Member 2010
Bernardo Z.I am very pleased with your golf range, the fact that you have the best golf balls and you replaced them every 90 days is great, it makes a huge difference even for me that I am a beginner. The prices are quite competitive but with a better value for all that you get.

One other thing that I greatly appreciate is that you mention on your website when the grass tee is open and closed. I went a couple of times hoping that it would be open but had to settle with the mats, a little bit disappointed. However, now knowing it is posted has helped me prepare before going. Lastly, the short game practice area is kept magnificently, and all the people working here are quite nice and friendly, from the ground keepers, to the cleaning crew, as well as all the staff, it truly makes a difference.

Bernardo Z.
Chris M.
MVM 2009
It is an honor to be selected as Stadium Golf Center's Most Valuable Member and it provides a year-long opportunity to take full advantage of all that SGC has to offer. SGC is an integral and valuable part of my golf life (just ask my better half…) and has been ever since the facility opened in September 1995. The instructors represent the best in their field and have helped me tremendously over the years; special thanks to Scott and Gary for all their direction – rest assured I need all the direction I can get. The club fitting provided by Coleman is excellent plus his golf knowledge and advice are added bonuses. All the folks in the shop are very knowledgeable and always ready to assist in any manner.

As someone who discovered the addictive nature of golf in their adult years, the advice and knowledge shared by Monty and Mark have been of great benefit to me and I am fortunate to consider them friends. The Club (thanks to Antrone and Mark) conducts great tournaments throughout the year on a variety of courses; the Club is well run and it provides the opportunity to meet other crazed golfers. Of course, the well maintained driving range, fabulous putting green, and the multi-faceted short game area are all key ingredients of SGC. Most important to me are the friendships that have been developed over the years with the great people at SGC – all of the facilities wouldn't mean much without the high quality individuals maintaining, working, and managing Stadium Golf Center – the great people make SGC my home away from home. Not only is it an honor to be the 2009 MVM but it poses distinct challenges and provides ample opportunity – can't wait to see how low I can go!

Chris M. - Most Valuable Member 2009
Ken & Barb H.
MVM 2008
"Stadium Golf Center's capacity to meet all our golf needs has proven to be unprecedented. From the top of the line practice facility, the quality apparel available in the shop, the state of the art equipment and custom fitting, the customer oriented staff, to the exceptional quality of golf instruction provided by a renowned team of PGA professionals, SGC is the real deal for our (and your) golfing needs."
Dan H.
MVM 2005
I first was introduced to Coleman in March of 2003. At that time, I was still hitting steel shafted drivers. I could not hit any of the graphic shaft drivers that were available at that time. One day while practicing at Stadium Golf Center, Monty Leong suggested that I have Coleman take a look at my swing and attempt to fit me up with a graphite shaft that fit my swing style. This was a great success. Coleman fit me with a Titliest 975 JVS on a Fujikara Vista Tour Series 70 shaft. I still refuse to let that driver out of my site today. Coleman has the keen ability to be able to model equipment based on the individual. He has since fitted me with a Titliest 983K and my first 460cc driver, a Titliest 907D2 both on Fujikara Vista Tour Series 70 shafts. I’m bombing the tee balls and keeping them in the fairway. Coleman has also fitted me for the Ping I3 plus and Ping I10 irons. I was extremely impressed with his attention to detail through the fitting period. He examined every aspect of my swing, ball flight on how much of the sole of the club made contact with the ground to determine my correct fit color. I have had years of experience with Coleman’s work.

There is only one place and one person that I go to when I’m need of club fitting.

That person is Coleman Mullin, Club Fitter Extraordinaire.
Scott D.
MVM 2004
Dear Coleman,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance, patience and expertise over the last seven or so years regarding the fitting of my golf equipment. As with many avid golfers along with the changing of technology, it is vitally important that the player’s equipment is fitted to their specifications and their type of play.

It is also significant that the choice of equipment recommended is the correct equipment based on the player’s skill level and type of swing.
You have definitely earned my trust now and in the future in your expertise which includes but not limited to club fitting, re-shafting and selection of equipment. I feel that with your assistance you have significantly assisted me in approving my game. I also have had the confidence to refer many others to you for the same assistance.

Again, thank you for all that you do for me.

Sincerely,  Scott Dale
Scott - Most Valuable Members 2004
Tom D.
MVM 2003
"Most of us have goals when it comes to our golf game and it usually relates to score. Since I began using Stadium Golf Center for all my golf needs, my handicap dropped more than 10 shots to a mid single digit handicap. Stadium Golf Center has all the components necessary for you to achieve those goals whether they are lofty or modest. The short game area allows for all the short game shots and the putting green is fantastic. There isn’t a better collection of instructors in the state. The clubfitting that is available not only allows you to see your numbers on a launch monitor but also ball flight. Its all there for you to take advantage of and its managed by a knowledgeable and conscientious staff wanting to make a difference in your game!"

Tom D. - Most Valuable Member 2003

I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank for working on my clubs for me - what a dramatic improvement. The clubs and your alignment tips really have made the game fun again. I shot a bogey free 71 today, primarily because I knew where my shots were going. It was soooo weird to see the ball go straight. In fact the only time I missed greens was when my shots went further than expected. And just like you said, chipping was dramatically easier. I got up and down 100%. Amazing. Once again, thanks a bunch for working with me. I'll be sure to recommend you to everyone I play golf with.  
Dan BeginI've been using the Stadium Golf practice facilities for years and did not hesitate taking advantage of their club fitting services when I needed a new set of clubs. Coleman was extremely professional and knowledgeable and did an outstanding job fitting me with my exact specifications. The ability to test the clubs outside on grass and witness my ball flight rather than hitting into a net was also a major satisfaction point with the fitting. I walked away confident knowing I now had the best opportunity to score on the course with my new clubs. I would recommend Coleman at Stadium Golf to anyone who is serious about their game and equipment.
Jason T.Recently I decided that I needed an upgrade in my golf equipment since my clubs were going on 10+ years old. I am a former NCAA Collegiate golfer who still takes the game pretty serious so I needed someone who knew what they were doing. I had always known that Stadium Golf Center had a great reputation for game improvement amenities so I gave them a call to see about getting fit. At the time I had no intention of purchasing new gear, but after my experience with Coleman, I was sold on the clubs he had recommended for me. He had me try a wide variety of different shafts in combination of different heads, and after a good range session and learning about my ball speed, spin rate, trajectory, etc, I was confident that I was making the best decision for my golf game. On a lesser note, I did my research and found that their prices were highly competitive with any golf retail store out there, so I pulled the trigger and got an entire new set of Woods and Irons! I am now at least 10-15 yards longer off the tee with my new driver and the consistency that had left my game since college is now coming back and I know its because my gear is custom fit to my golf swing. I highly recommend Coleman and Stadium Golf's club fitting system.
v/r KenColeman,

I wanted to pass on how outstanding a job and great service Mr. Coleman Mullin continues to perform while fitting the exact club that matches your strength.

Coleman has fitted me on several occasions and every time I have beenextremely satisfied with the outcome.
I have been to Taylormade, Titleist, and Fujikura and have found that Coleman expertise is equal if not better when trying to work with a customapproach with your golf equipment. There is no other location here in San Diego that I know of that you can attain this custom approach. Hitting balls into a net can not give you the total results that you require.

I feel that all golfers before purchasing any golf equipment should use this custom fitting and take advantage of a great assets that we all have right here.

Also a honest approach that Coleman gives you, not just telling you what you want to here will alloy you to purchase the best clubs that match each individuals needs.

v/r Ken
Clint - Hale Engineering
Current Index: 8.0 (and dropping)

"The staff at Stadium Golf has been a pleasure to work with. They have endured the constant battle of improving my golf swing, both from an instructional stand point and club fitting. Coleman did a great job matching clubs to my swing. This has been a significant (essential) component to playing better golf."

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