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14 Mar, 2017

FitGolf San Diego – Basic Cross Country Skier

Visit FitGolf San Diego - Click Here For Complete Details Basic Cross Country Skier The most underestimated source of power in the golf swing is stabilization. Quickly explained it transfers energy from one segment to another. In this exercise the powerhouse of your golf swing will be tested. Pick the resistance that you’re comfortable with now but add over the next few weeks to progress. Jeremy Klinkhamer :: :: (619) 822-2175 Jeremy Klinkhamer, PT, GPS, & TPI Level 2 Certified Medical Professional is the Program Director for FitGolf Performance Centers of San Diego. Jeremy [...]

10 Mar, 2017

FitGolf San Diego – Hip Warm Up

Visit FitGolf San Diego - Click Here For Complete Details Hip Warm-Up Proper pre-golf warm ups have been a topic of conversation since the inception of golf fitness. The theories on it practically change like the seasons. Over the years we’ve learned that Static Stretches (>30 second hold) can possibly increase the chance of injury if done too close to the time of our athletic event. Researchers even started questioning the need for a warm up at all (didn’t turn out well). We eventually adopted something called Active or Dynamic Stretching.  In this video, I'll show you a [...]

7 Feb, 2017

FitGolf San Diego – Sidelying Rotation with Stabilization

Visit FitGolf San Diego - Click Here For Complete Details Sidelying Rotation with Stabilization Sidelying Rotation is one of the classics in golf fitness. A stable lower body and rotating torso is one of the most desirable features of a golfer’s body. It’s the foundation to a good “shoulder turn.” Unfortunately, I see this simple exercise done wrong more often than not. In this video I take my time explaining the proper technique to this great exercise. Take your time as well when you apply what I’m saying in your FitGolf routine. When done correctly, you can hold [...]

26 Jan, 2017

FitGolf San Diego – Pelvic Rotation Correction

Visit FitGolf San Diego - Click Here For Complete Details Pelvic Rotation Correction We have multiple power sources available in the human body to hit a golf ball. Sometimes we get in a bad habit of over utilizing one power source so much it causes performance problems or injury. For example, if you over use your arms in the golf swing you might cast the club, get off plane or injure a wrist or elbow. The dilemma is how to stop this from happening. Well, the answer is to recognize the issue and correct it by finding your [...]

20 Jan, 2017

FitGolf San Diego – Modified Windmill

Visit FitGolf San Diego - Click Here For Complete Details Modified Windmill Hip hinge and spine rotation are major components of the golf swing. Placing ourselves in these positions often is a great way to get golf fit. In this video I’ll show you how to modify a very difficult exercise called the Windmill into a move we can all do. This Modified Windmill makes it possible to get off the round and stretch in similar positions to the actual golf swing. Jeremy Klinkhamer :: :: (619) 822-2175 Jeremy Klinkhamer, PT, GPS, & TPI [...]

22 Nov, 2016

FitGolf San Diego – Rotational Power with Horizontal Chops

Visit FitGolf San Diego - Click Here For Complete Details Rotational Power with Horizontal Chops As we look through the history of golf we all remember the sweet swings of players like Arnold Palmer, Fred Couples and Ernie Els. Golf, for a very long time, was dominated by players like these that progressed the game to inspiring levels. Then, in the early 2000's, a young man exploded onto the scene. He tore down the traditional walls that golf called home for so long. Tiger Woods brought a whole new element to his off course preparations. Fitness. I think we [...]

23 Sep, 2016

Golf Fitness @ SGC – Get Fit Play Better

Posture Correction with IYTW Historically, golf posture has looked quite different from player to player.  There have been hundreds of golfers that look pretty poor, from a posture standpoint, over a golf ball yet play much better than other players with impeccable posture.  So why do we worry about it?  It's about efficiency.  Even though being pain-free and comfortable over a golf ball should be the most important thing when playing we should all strive for something that will eventually make our body work better and prevent pain and/or injury.  Better posture rarely comes quickly.  Therefore, your golf fitness routine is where this trip towards a more [...]