A Short History Of Carnoustie

Golf has been played at Carnoustie since the early 16th century, and in that time the links have earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the toughest golf destinations in the world.

It’s not just the strong winds which blow along this exposed stretch of the Angus coast; nor the bunkering, which is perfectly positioned to capture anything less than a top-quality shot; but it is also a very long, narrow golf course that, at over 7,400 yards, is the longest course to host The Open. As Sir Michael Bonallack put it, “When the wind is blowing, it is the toughest golf course in Britain. And when it’s not blowing, it’s probably still the toughest.”

:: One Entry Per Family / Household… Multiple Entries Disqualify All Your Picks
:: All Entries Must Be Made Through Stadium Golf Center Constant Contact Survey
:: If Multiple Correct Selections & Tiebreakers Occur, One Grand Prize Winner Will Be Drawn At Random
:: Grand Prize Has No Cash Or Trade In Value
:: Entry Deadline Wednesday 7.18.2018 11:00pm PST

Your NameWinning PickTiebreaker
Dale PAlex Noren270
andrew FAlex Noren271
Cullen PAlex Noren274
Tyler BAlex Noren277
Greg HAlex Noren282
Billy SBrandon Stone276
Roger SBrooks Koepka268
Michael MBrooks Koepka271
Brad SBrooks Koepka266
Charles GBrooks Koepka268
JAMES TBrooks Koepka269
Francis SBrooks Koepka274
David RBrooks Koepka275
Bill BBrooks Koepka275
Hugo RBrooks Koepka276
Mark MBrooks Koepka278
Ken SBrooks Koepka281
Bryan SBrooks Koepka282
Jerry ABrooks Koepka283
Glenn HBrooks Koepka
Monty LCharley Hoffman277
Shep ADustin Johnson272
Steven RDustin Johnson260
John SDustin Johnson262
Joonghyun PDustin Johnson264
David KDustin Johnson266
Dave DDustin Johnson266
Daniel ODustin Johnson267
John DDustin Johnson268
Craig RDustin Johnson268
Phil EDustin Johnson269
Christopher NDustin Johnson269
Kevin ADustin Johnson269
Chris BDustin Johnson272
Charles SDustin Johnson274
Ryan ADustin Johnson274
John MDustin Johnson274
Daniel PDustin Johnson274
Matthew VDustin Johnson276
John RDustin Johnson276
Robert CDustin Johnson277
Brian DDustin Johnson277
Chris BDustin Johnson278
David KDustin Johnson278
Chris UDustin Johnson278
George LDustin Johnson278
Sean MDustin Johnson278
Conner HDustin Johnson280
Scott CDustin Johnson282
Todd GDustin Johnson282
Karen DDustin Johnson
Larry TDustin Johnson284
Michael PRickie Fowler276
Chris FRickie Fowler279
Steve MFrancesco Molinari275
Eric WFransesco Molinari273
Richard BHenrik Stenson277
Robert EBrian Harman271
David SHenrik Stenson275
Donn RHenrik Stenson275
ROBERT JHenrik Stenson275
Richard GHenrik Stenson279
Larry WHenrik Stenson280
Mike WJon Rahm269
Kim NJon Rahm269
Steve ZJon Rahm268
Gordon CJon Rahm268
Frank CJon Rahm270
Victor MJon Rahm276
Nick DJon Rahm284
Kit CJordan Spieth283
Alan GJordan Spieth286
Tia QJordan Spieth264
Ann AJordan Spieth270
Sam TJordan Spieth272
Mark BJordan Spieth276
Shawn GJordan Spieth278
Russell BJordan Spieth279
Sam EJordan Spieth280
Phil GJordan Spieth284
Larry QJordan Spieth273
Matt HJustin Rose297
Gregg KJustin Rose282
Rod SJustin Rose264
Scott DJustin Rose270
Senthil SJustin Rose270
Ryan MJustin Rose270
Bryan MJustin Rose273
Brian LJustin Rose274
Larry MJustin Rose275
Ty SJustin Rose276
David SJustin Rose276
Robert SJustin Rose277
Matt WJustin Rose277
Jason EJustin Rose278
Joanne LJustin Rose280
Ben BJustin Rose281
Timothy TJustin Rose281
Nathan GJustin Rose282
Gene BJustin Rose284
Doug BJustin Rose285
Michelle TJustin Thomas273
Kenneth TJustin Thomas282
Terry ZJustin Thomas282
Theresa JBrooks Koepka277
Earl MLouis Oosthuizen273
John LLouis Oosthuizen276
Tim KMarc Leishman278
Brady BMarc Leishman277
Wendy SMarc Leishman278
Jeff WMarc Leishman281
Andrew HMarc Leishman272
Kevin KMatt Kuchar266
Jeff HPatrick Reed271
Edward KPaul Casey302
Kevin CPhil Mickelson275
Michael OPhil Mickelson271
Jerry WPhil Mickelson274
Bill RPhil Mickelson275
Derek APhil Mickelson275
EmoryPhil Mickelson279
Steven CRickie Fowler267
Eric MRickie Fowler276
Geoffrey KRickie Fowler269
Dan HRickie Fowler265
Tim TRickie Fowler267
Tim ARickie Fowler267
Dan BRickie Fowler268
Richard BRickie Fowler269
Mike ZRickie Fowler272
Michael RRickie Fowler272
Kevin PRickie Fowler272
Rodel SRickie Fowler273
Glenn RRickie Fowler276
Pete ORickie Fowler277
Sean TRickie Fowler277
John CRickie Fowler279
Todd PRickie Fowler280
Bill MRickie Fowler281
Kahana MRickie Fowler283
Jason CRickie Fowler288
Conrad GRickie Fowler259
Joe BRickie Fowler267
Francis LRickie Fowler273
Thomas DRickie Fowler274
Rico PRickie Fowler274
Stuart NRickie Fowler275
Jeremiah VRickie Fowler279
Justin BRickie Fowler279
Augustine MRickie Fowler282
Felix CRickie Fowler286
Matt GRory McIlroy272
William TRory McIlroy278
Shedrick SRory McIlroy278
Chris MRory McIlroy274
Jonas KRory McIlroy275
Brian KRory McIlroy282
Jason ESergio Garcia273
Robert BSergio Garcia275
John GSergio Garcia287
Chuck SStewart Cink272
Ken MTiger Woods268
Donald CTiger Woods268
Brian WTiger Woods269
C Mark HTiger Woods270
Michael NTiger Woods271
Stuart NTiger Woods272
Dexter ATiger Woods272
George HTiger Woods272
Anthony DTiger Woods273
Ernie OTiger Woods273
Rafael JTiger Woods273
Oliver OTiger Woods274
Jim STiger Woods275
Todd WTiger Woods276
Loan PTiger Woods276
Jeffrey GTiger Woods277
Ronald LTiger Woods277
Kang YTiger Woods280
Patrick NTiger Woods282
Kevin STiger Woods283
Willie BTiger Woods283
Chris BTommy Fleetwood272
Mark NTommy Fleetwood262
Mike STommy Fleetwood264
Colin MTommy Fleetwood270
Marc CTommy Fleetwood270
Mitch VTommy Fleetwood271
Arnie BTommy Fleetwood271
Mike KTommy Fleetwood271
Ron CTommy Fleetwood272
Christopher CTommy Fleetwood272
Rob BTommy Fleetwood273
Joe GTommy Fleetwood274
Brian KTommy Fleetwood274
Luis Javier OTommy Fleetwood274
Kelly DTommy Fleetwood275
Scott STommy Fleetwood276
Todd JTommy Fleetwood276
Lawrence ATommy Fleetwood277
Jim LTommy Fleetwood277
Kevin BTommy Fleetwood279
Don DTommy Fleetwood280
Derek DTommy Fleetwood283
Steven RTommy Fleetwood284
James WTommy Fleetwood284
Larry DTommy Fleetwood284
Jonathan LTommy Fleetwood284
Steve BTommy Fleetwood291
Steven LTony Finau275
Tomi ATony Finau275
Mike WTyrrell Hatton278
Richard IXander Schauffele280
Don LZach Johnson278
Dylan GZach Johnson274
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