About The Masters

Since 1934, the Masters Tournament has been home to some of golf’s greatest moments. Amidst blooming azaleas, towering pines and flowering dogwoods, the first full week of April ushers in a stage unique to golf and to sport. Over four days and 72 holes, the smallest field in major championship golf competes for a chance to capture the Green Jacket and a place in Masters history. Take a journey down Magnolia Lane or stroll through Amen Corner, and explore the iconic traditions, moments and history of Masters Tournament like never before—past and present.

:: One Entry Per Family / Household… Multiple Entries Disqualify All Your Picks
:: All Entries Must Be Made Through Stadium Golf Center Constant Contact Survey
:: If Multiple Correct Selections & Tiebreakers Occur, One Grand Prize Winner Will Be Drawn At Random
:: Grand Prize Has No Cash Or Trade In Value
:: Entry Deadline Wednesday 4.4.2018 11:55pm PST

Robert EAlex Noren274
Sean TAlex Noren276
Mike WAlex Noren276
Jorge SAlex Noren278
Lee DAlex Noren279
Hien NAlex Noren279
Tom RBernd Wiesberger278
Skip CBranden Grace279
Eric MBrian Harman280
Robert GBubba Watson270
Jerry ABubba Watson271
Daniel OBubba Watson271
George HBubba Watson274
Robert SBubba Watson274
Tim SBubba Watson274
Lon HBubba Watson275
Jim LBubba Watson275
Michael MBubba Watson275
Ty SBubba Watson275
Michael BBubba Watson276
Mingi KBubba Watson276
Craig RBubba Watson276
Joe WBubba Watson276
Jim WBubba Watson276
Roy HBubba Watson277
Craig KBubba Watson277
Lamberto LBubba Watson277
Phil MBubba Watson277
Jim RBubba Watson277
Clarence RBubba Watson277
BOB CBubba Watson278
Jason CBubba Watson278
Russell DBubba Watson278
Joseph PBubba Watson278
Gary UBubba Watson278
David WBubba Watson279
Ryan CBubba Watson280
Marc LBubba Watson280
Michael MBubba Watson280
Ken MBubba Watson280
Michael SBubba Watson280
Larry WBubba Watson280
Russell BBubba Watson281
Jamie KBubba Watson281
Melissa MBubba Watson281
John MBubba Watson281
Todd WBubba Watson281
Ernie OCharley Hoffman277
James UCharley Hoffman277
Charle GCharley Hoffman282
Jim MChez Reavie279
Jon LDaniel Berger277
Derek DDustin Johnson271
Kevin KDustin Johnson273
Sean MDustin Johnson273
Jason EDustin Johnson274
Jeffery FDustin Johnson274
Andre MDustin Johnson274
Ryan ADustin Johnson275
Diane BDustin Johnson275
Tomi ADustin Johnson276
Robert BDustin Johnson276
Todd JDustin Johnson276
Russell BDustin Johnson277
Willie BDustin Johnson277
Martin MDustin Johnson277
Ryan BDustin Johnson278
Mark JDustin Johnson280
Walt MDustin Johnson280
Nicolas WDustin Johnson280
William CDustin Johnson281
Jeremy JDustin Johnson285
Andrew FGary Woodland276
Ronald CHenrik Stenson268
Clay MHenrik Stenson277
Bob GHenrik Stenson279
John DHenrik Stenson280
Barron LHideki Matsuyama276
Alex SHideki Matsuyama276
Brady BHideki Matsuyama277
Jo HHideki Matsuyama278
Steve ZIan Poulter276
Steve NIan Poulter278
Steven BJason Day275
Jeff OJason Day276
Earl MJason Day277
Ben HJason Day278
Martin MJason Day280
Michael NJason Day280
Francis SJason Day291
Frank CJon Rahm275
Wally SJon Rahm276
Jeff WJon Rahm282
Edward KJordan Spieth267
Kevin MJordan Spieth271
Chaz MJordan Spieth271
John RJordan Spieth273
Kang YJordan Spieth273
John GJordan Spieth274
Todd WJordan Spieth274
Jeff HJordan Spieth275
Charles SJordan Spieth275
Tom MJordan Spieth276
David RJordan Spieth276
Patrick SJordan Spieth276
Ken SJordan Spieth276
Lawrence AJordan Spieth277
Danny TJordan Spieth277
Marc CJordan Spieth278
Eric HJordan Spieth278
James JJordan Spieth278
Joanne LJordan Spieth278
Mark BJordan Spieth279
Bob FJordan Spieth279
Mark MJordan Spieth279
Brian DJordan Spieth280
Alan GJordan Spieth280
Jordan MJordan Spieth280
Bill MJordan Spieth280
Bob GJordan Spieth282
David CJordan Spieth283
Steven HJordan Spieth284
Daniel CJordan Spieth299
Mark BJordan Spieth
Erik BJustin Rose68
John HJustin Rose271
Mark MJustin Rose273
Jeffrey CJustin Rose274
Mike KJustin Rose274
Joseph SJustin Rose274
Kyle YJustin Rose274
Melissa BJustin Rose275
Steven SJustin Rose275
Shawn GJustin Rose276
Andre HJustin Rose276
Conne HJustin Rose276
Michae BJustin Rose277
Eric CJustin Rose277
Jim NJustin Rose277
Rich SJustin Rose277
David SJustin Rose277
John VJustin Rose277
David BJustin Rose278
Kevin BJustin Rose278
Mark CJustin Rose278
Nathan GJustin Rose278
Todd PJustin Rose278
Shedrick SJustin Rose278
Joseph DJustin Rose279
Matt GJustin Rose279
Jay PJustin Rose279
Scott DJustin Rose280
Steven FJustin Rose280
Brian KJustin Rose280
Paul HJustin Rose283
Michael MJustin Thomas270
Scott RJustin Thomas270
Justin WJustin Thomas272
Jan PJustin Thomas273
Jeffrey GJustin Thomas274
Charlie GJustin Thomas274
John LJustin Thomas274
Larry MJustin Thomas274
Ryan MJustin Thomas275
Michael SJustin Thomas275
Dave CJustin Thomas276
Ryan CJustin Thomas276
Jeff CJustin Thomas276
Greg JJustin Thomas276
David KJustin Thomas276
Colin MJustin Thomas276
Loan PJustin Thomas276
Lawrence RJustin Thomas276
Mike SJustin Thomas276
Nancy EJustin Thomas277
Joe GJustin Thomas277
Victor MJustin Thomas277
Glenn RJustin Thomas277
John BJustin Thomas278
John CJustin Thomas278
Allen KJustin Thomas278
Alex QJustin Thomas278
Bob RJustin Thomas278
Kevin AJustin Thomas279
Tyler BJustin Thomas279
Paul DJustin Thomas279
Lenny FJustin Thomas279
Rob HJustin Thomas279
Jeremiah VJustin Thomas279
Daniel WJustin Thomas279
Robert MJustin Thomas280
Timothy TJustin Thomas280
Scott AJustin Thomas281
Adam BJustin Thomas281
Glenn HJustin Thomas281
Rachel DJustin Thomas282
Kevin GJustin Thomas282
John PJustin Thomas282
Bob WJustin Thomas282
Steve BJustin Thomas286
Michael MJustin Thomas287
Chris DJustin Thomas296
Joe WMatt Kuchar275
Brad SMatt Kuchar276
Christoper WMatt Kuchar276
Scott APatrick Cantlay280
Wade NPatrick Reed276
David SPatrick Reed277
Brian IPatrick Reed279
Robert JPaul Casey275
Mark NPaul Casey276
Christopher CPaul Casey277
Glenn HPaul Casey277
Ray PPaul Casey279
Darryl YPaul Casey281
Ann APhil Mickelson267
Paul GPhil Mickelson268
Mosetta EPhil Mickelson269
Becky HPhil Mickelson271
Darin BPhil Mickelson273
Larry WPhil Mickelson273
Arnie BPhil Mickelson274
Howard RPhil Mickelson275
Chivas SPhil Mickelson275
Tom WPhil Mickelson275
Milton MPhil Mickelson276
Ricky PPhil Mickelson276
Don LPhil Mickelson277
Tim RPhil Mickelson277
Wendy SPhil Mickelson277
Kenneth TPhil Mickelson277
Chris UPhil Mickelson277
Mike VPhil Mickelson277
Keith BPhil Mickelson278
Michael BPhil Mickelson278
Kendra MPhil Mickelson278
Jim SPhil Mickelson278
Brad CPhil Mickelson279
Vance MPhil Mickelson280
Daniel PPhil Mickelson280
Jerry WPhil Mickelson280
Frank ERickie Fowler274
Nick DRickie Fowler276
Luis Javier ORickie Fowler276
John SRickie Fowler276
Christian ERickie Fowler277
Stuart NRickie Fowler277
Kelly DRickie Fowler278
Michael RRickie Fowler278
Kahana MRickie Fowler279
Michael LRickie Fowler280
Al ORickie Fowler280
Steven RRickie Fowler280
David TRickie Fowler280
Mark ZRickie Fowler280
Larry DRickie Fowler281
Drew SRickie Fowler283
Louis PRickie Fowler
Donald CRory McIlroy268
Francis LRory McIlroy271
Chris MRory McIlroy272
Erik ERory McIlroy273
Billy HRory McIlroy273
Rikki BRory McIlroy275
Larry CRory McIlroy275
Cinthia RRory McIlroy275
Senthil SRory McIlroy275
Larry YRory McIlroy275
Mike ZRory McIlroy275
Chris BRory McIlroy276
Rob BRory McIlroy276
Paul CRory McIlroy276
Christopher CRory McIlroy276
Reno DRory McIlroy276
John MRory McIlroy276
Magnus NRory McIlroy276
Pete ORory McIlroy276
Thomas PRory McIlroy276
Mark WRory McIlroy276
Petra CRory McIlroy277
Don DRory McIlroy277
Mike ERory McIlroy277
David KRory McIlroy277
Harold KRory McIlroy277
John MRory McIlroy277
Gary RRory McIlroy277
Chris DRory McIlroy278
Ben KRory McIlroy278
Stuart NRory McIlroy278
Scotland SRory McIlroy278
Matthew TRory McIlroy278
Shane ARory McIlroy279
Craig BRory McIlroy279
Chris FRory McIlroy279
Pete GRory McIlroy279
Keith JRory McIlroy279
Dale PRory McIlroy279
Justin SRory McIlroy279
Brian KRory McIlroy280
Jasmine LRory McIlroy280
Richard BRory McIlroy281
Willie BRory McIlroy282
Dan ERory McIlroy
Mike MRussell Henley280
Alejandro ASergio Garcia276
Joe BSergio Garcia282
Ryan CTiger Woods77
Odeh BTiger Woods200
Victor RTiger Woods265
Andrew OTiger Woods271
Kelvin ETiger Woods272
Mike WTiger Woods272
John WTiger Woods274
Jay ATiger Woods275
Nguyen LTiger Woods275
Enrique NTiger Woods275
Patrick NTiger Woods275
Larry QTiger Woods275
Joey ATiger Woods276
Enrique LTiger Woods276
Cullen PTiger Woods276
Terry DTiger Woods276
Ty STiger Woods276
Eric TTiger Woods276
James BTiger Woods277
Brian WTiger Woods277
Donald CTiger Woods278
Anthony DTiger Woods278
Bob LTiger Woods278
Chris LTiger Woods278
Peter PTiger Woods278
Scott STiger Woods279
Dan HTiger Woods280
Andy RTiger Woods280
Jonathan KTiger Woods281
Michael RTiger Woods281
Nicholas LTiger Woods282
Richard HTiger Woods284
Terry ZTommy Fleetwood272
Bryan MTommy Fleetwood276
Valentine CXander Schauffele294