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26 Jan, 2017

FitGolf San Diego – Pelvic Rotation Correction

Visit FitGolf San Diego - Click Here For Complete Details Pelvic Rotation Correction We have multiple power sources available in the human body to hit a golf ball. Sometimes we get in a bad habit of over utilizing one power source so much it causes performance problems or injury. For example, if you over use your arms in the golf swing you might cast the club, get off plane or injure a wrist or elbow. The dilemma is how to stop this from happening. Well, the answer is to recognize the issue and correct it by finding your [...]

20 Jan, 2017

FitGolf San Diego – Modified Windmill

Visit FitGolf San Diego - Click Here For Complete Details Modified Windmill Hip hinge and spine rotation are major components of the golf swing. Placing ourselves in these positions often is a great way to get golf fit. In this video I’ll show you how to modify a very difficult exercise called the Windmill into a move we can all do. This Modified Windmill makes it possible to get off the round and stretch in similar positions to the actual golf swing. Jeremy Klinkhamer :: :: (619) 822-2175 Jeremy Klinkhamer, PT, GPS, & TPI [...]